Packaging companies join flavour and aroma-releasing packaging project
02 Jul 2003

ScentSational Technologies in the US, which is developing flavour and aroma-releasing packaging, reveals it has formed strategic partnerships with two packaging companies to help commercialise its technology.

Portola Packaging and Fabrikal, a thermoforming company, have agreed to become strategic partners with ScentSational.

Firmenich, which supplies many of the flavours and additives used by ScentSational has also joined the partnership.

Portola Packaging, in California, the US, designs, manufactures and markets tamper-evident plastic closures for dairy, fruit juice, bottled water, sports drinks, institutional food products and other non-carbonated drinks. It also supplies filling and capping equipment for bottling lines.

ScentSational’s technology can be incorporated into lids, bottles, plastic bowls and closures.

The technology is based on the premise that foods and drinks contained in packaging that smells better will taste better.

Most of what people believe is taste is actually a result of the sense of smell and a process called retro nasal olfaction.

Thus, a consumer's taste experience can be improved with an aromatized package. Plastics used in packaging often migrate into their contents, giving off malodorous taste while also scalping desirable flavor. By adding flavor directly to the package the negative effects of migration and scalping can be mitigated.

ScentSational’s technology can be used by most existing plastic manufacturers without tooling changes.

Many existing plastic packages on the market today could incorporate ScentSational technology. The additives supplied by Firmenich are very cheap.

Portola and Fabrikal will produce packaging products with ScentSational’s technology.

A bottled water company is testing the technology, which is incorporated into bottle lids.

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