What are ScentCerts®.  Aroma infused TABS and PAKS, specially designed to be inserted into bottles of dietary supplements, vitamins, and pharmaceutical pills, capsules and gummies that can make any product smell and taste better.

Enhance Your Brand. ScentCerts improve aroma and taste, and provides more brand enhancing aroma than any other product on the market! Not only will your products SMELL GREAT, but they will TASTE GREAT!

The Best Brands Choose Us!  Brands choose ScentCerts TABS and PAKS, made with ScentSational’s Encapsulated Aroma Release™ technology, to enhance the aroma and taste of their products, drive consumer preference and increase compliance, all of which increases sales and brand loyalty. ScentCerts are especially effective with Fish Oil, Algae, Vitamin B, B1, D1, D3, Multivitamins, and Valerian based products

Patent-Pending Science.  ScentSational’s patent-pending ScentCerts are made with FDA compliant food grade, all-natural flavors, and other FDA compliant materials.

Go from Ew to Aah!  After years of research and development, ScentSational has identified flavors and aromatics that significantly mitigate mal odors released from active ingredients commonly found in many dietary supplements, vitamins, and pharmaceuticals pills, capsules, and gummies. Our proprietary flavor formulations allow for high level, long lasting and stable encapsulation within the TABS and PAKS.

Our premium ScentCerts, injection molded in translucent colors in the shape of Capsules and Hearts.

Pepermint Twist ScentCerts

Designed for cost-efficient automatic filling; available in either Cut or Continuous Strips of .25 gram to 3 grams of FDA compliant flavored polymer beads, in a printed Tyvek packet, with or without hole punch.


Benefits of ScentCerts:

    • Improves Aroma and Taste
    • Masks Malodors
    • Enhances Product Value
    • Drives Consumer Compliance and Repeat Purchases
    • Capable of Automatic or Hand Insertion
    • Can Mitigate or Eliminate Burp Back

Our Great All-Natural ScentCert Flavors!

    • Berry Blast – a unique aromatic blend of fresh berries, topped off with light floral notes and green tones that complement the natural aromatics.  Especially effective at masking algae oil and other malodors.
    • Peppermint Twist – a fresh, clean, cool, minty flavor blend with rich, sweet overtones that make the most off smelling and tasting pills and capsules, smell and taste fresh and minty.
    • Cinnamon Stick – a base of cinnamon with a hint of spice, highlighted with sweet woody notes that work particularly well with pills, capsules, and gummies with natural earthy aromatics.
    • Mandarin Spice – a complex sweet blend of fresh orange and citrus notes topped off with a spicy clove aroma.  Especially effective on products with challenging off notes when complimented with the orange clove effect, resulting in a well-rounded and pleasing aroma and taste.
    • Citrus Fusion – an exclusive fresh and subtle combination of lemons, oranges, and limes all rolled into one great flavor that is designed to give a refreshing aroma.
    • Cool Mint – a delicate combination of sweet lemon and citrus flavor notes complimented with a cool sensation of minty freshness that are specially designed to improve the aroma and taste.
    • Lemon Zest – a complex sweet blend of fresh, rich, lemon notes that provide most pills, capsules and gummies with a fresh enticing aroma and taste.
    • Citrus Grove – an orange flavor that is so fresh your customer will think they are peeling an orange. Especially effective with both neutral and off-smelling products. Citrus Grove is universally loved!

The ScentSational Commitment: Send us your products in the greatest need of improvement, you know, the ones that get the bad reviews. After a brief call with your marketing and quality professionals, our team will evaluate your products and determine which of our ScentCerts are best for your products and return them you so you can taste and smell the ScentSational Difference!

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